• An Award-Winning Music and Art Experience in the Desert
  • Music is life

    Drive-In Concert

    Music is life

    Experience it amidst the beauty of the Mojave Desert at our seasonal Drive-in Concert series in the greater Joshua Tree area.

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    5 star review  Great couple owned event venue for a drive in entertainment night. Great place to watch local artists for a show! Had an awesome time under the stars for our first show. You can sit in your car and watch the show, pop open the back and lounge, or setup some chairs outside and watch in a safe manner. By RSVP ONLY - so don’t show up without confirmation. Very friendly and descriptive upon entry and very appreciative when you arrive. They have local businesses cater to you to your car or bring your own setup/snacks (be ready to pack in and pack out like camping, please!) Suggestions for the visitors - - Please be respectful of others when arriving. You are driving in on dirt roads, so for those unfamiliar with doing so...Lots of dust - 5 MPH max!! Don’t dust out your fellow patrons. - Headlights please! Turn them off (seriously had a person behind us with them on all night - it ruins the stage lighting) - Kids & pets; while I get it - please keep them semi contained... having a number of them running around in the dark could be a hazard to them (especially in the summer with snakes and such) but also takes away from the show to others. - Trash; like I said... pack in/pack out! Please don’t litter on their property and be prepared Don’t ruin it for others please! Otherwise overall, the crowd was great and a fun evening in your car! Great overall venue near Flamingo Heights with the beautiful backdrop of the National Park and our famous sunsets! Recommended for all!

    thumb Michael Kerper

    5 star review  We went to the final concert of the year and absolutely loved it. My only complaint is I didn’t know about it sooner. Looking forward to going back in 2021.

    thumb Sean Horton

    5 star review  Great setting and people. Provides a much needed dose of art and music during pandemic times.

    thumb Steve Woody

    5 star review  Pretty cool little spot. Gotta love free live music.

    thumb Keith Squires